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Hello everyone! As you can tell I love to make polls on my page -I have a lot. I love to hear what you have to say! :)
This is ALL India's idea so thank her, not me.
ALSO, please....... pretty please with a cherry on top go and visit INDIA'S AMAZING WOULD YOU RATHER POLL.

Would you rather................

1. Eat 1 million LIVE spiders or kiss a cow?
Kiss a cow--it's over much more quickly! PW
Kiss a cow! They aren't that bad.-India
Only if I get to wash it--Noa (without cows, we would't have ice cream)
kiss a cow -michal
KIss A Cow-Vera

2. Eat mac n' cheese for the rest of your life or shave your head?
shave my head--it's over much more quickly and grows back. PW
Shave my head as long as I can wear a wig.-India
Only if it's aloud to grow back..... But I made up this poll so it can grow back.--Noa
shave my head -michal

3. Dye everything you own brown or eat a jar of mayonnaise?
Mayonnaise doesn't come in cans. PW
I don't like brown! So yah, I'll go with mayonnaise.--Noa
dye everything brown (I HATE mayonnaise)-michal

4. Bath in a tub full of spiders or have ants in your pants for an hour?
Neither--I'll pass, thank you. PW
I hate ants! I would bath in a tub of spiders-India
Depends on what kind of ant...... And spider--Noa
bath with spiders-michal

5. Be completely bald or covered with hair?
Yuck--covered in hair? bald, please. PW
We're ALREADY covered in hair!!! So why not stay like that?--Noa

6. Sleep tied to the ceiling of your house for the rest of your life or have a llama teach you math?
Llama by all means... I'd love to learn llama math. PW
Llama math-India
I don't think we'ed understand the Llama, but that's even more fun!--Noa
math with 1 lama-michal
Call me crazy but I'd like both please-Vera

7. Watch Dora 4 hours every day and nothing else or sing in front of your whole school (boys included in the singing part)
Sing--it's over very quickly. PW (and I'd make it something silly, like "I'm going crazy. Dontcha wanta come along?")
Sing in front of my school. -India
sing in front of the school with a blind fold around my head-michal

8. Be stuck in a room full of three-headed elephants for 13 hours every month or dress like your opposite gender for a year?
probably opposite gender--Noa
13 headed elephants ( for the first 12 hours i will be fritend and then I will get used to it) -michal
9. Spend a YEAR listening to opera or eat brussels sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a month?
Only if my mom doesn't cook the brussels sprouts.--Noa
brussel sprouts for a month (I will die bye the end of the month)-michal
Opera-Vera (I HATE brussel sprouts.)