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Laurie Halse Anderson

is the writer of a series- Chains and Forge. She also wrote Speak, Fever and Catalyst. (not a series)
I have read all of the books that you see right now. The two smaller books (Chains and Forge) have a third book to it- Ashes.
Laurie Halse Anderson writes mainly for teens (those are usually the main characters) The reason that I like Laurie Halse Anderson is that she
writes with lots of sensory detail letting the reader experience what it would be like to ' wear that characters shoes.' I definitely experienced that with all of Laurie's books.
She is definitely a great author! I recommend her a lot!

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Click Here
to see an interview with Laurie Halse Anderson as she talks about what she thinks of the way that teachers teach writing here.
Thank you Ms. White for sending me this link!