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Greetings From Paris!

Just kidding! I don't live in Paris : I'm Noa, welcome to my wiki! I love to READ, I love to SMILE, and I love to DANCE. I usually choreograph 2-3 minute dances for my sister and I to perform for my mom and dad. I also love music. I have a dog named Snowy and he is really small but REALLY cute. I also have a younger sister. Some of my favorite books are-Books by Wendy Mass, 'Out of my mind,' and many others that I can't list right now because it would take up to much room. If you're wondering why it says Greetings from Paris in big letters is because I'm very interested in Paris. (France) I've never been there, but could you let me know if you find a cool website about it and then send me a link to it. (that would be really appreciated)

I hope you enjoy my wiki!

Noa K.

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