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We can change the WORLD

When I was little, I thought that every single problem in the world was magically solved as soon as it starts. Then I got older and I figured out that I was wrong; ANYBODY can change the world- fight for what they believe in. The world is never perfect, there will always be chances. Some grown-ups think that kids are too immature and can't do anything, external image earth.gif


Everyone can change the world. It's so very possible for someone to fight for what they believe in. And actually, kids are the ones that are willing to do that. Here at a young age, I would love to get myself some attention. (I'm a VERY dramatic person) Changing the world is NOT 'let's get attention time'. But what it really is for is you coming home and saying- "Mom, I made the world a better place." Or falling asleep knowing that YOU have made an impact on the world that people will be thankful for. Making a change would be fighting for what YOU believe in. Or sending your cause out there.

Even wiki's- those are a great example. Here on a wiki I can write about how I feel, what I think that we can change to make this world a better place.

It can happen, truly honestly, it can. Grown-ups and EVERYONE needs to understand that "whenever you take a step forward, you are BOUND to disturb something" as Indira Gandhi quoted (relative of Mahatma Gandhi.)

You can make it fun, too! You can design a t-shirt, that's what I did!
On a blank, white t-shirt I wrote one of Mahatma Gandhi's quotes- "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Don't just write down a quote that somebody says. Actually think about that meaning of what the person is saying. People don't just make random quotes up- they put meaning to it.