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The Muppets

Staring Amy Adams, Jason Segel, and Chris Cooper.

I went with my mom and sister sometime in the beginning of December, (9th, 10th, 11th, something like that) We went to a theater called the Carmike theater which we have never been to. It was a nice theater, I liked it.

This has to do with movies...... So my sister got this journal called the movie-goers journal. The movie-goers journal is basically a journal where you can write down a movie that you want to see, or saw and you write down facts about it like who is staring in it and stuff like that. There's also a pouch that has fake popcorn kernels on it where you can put your tickets.

This is what the story is about-
So basically there is this kid- Gary. He starts out as a kid in the beginning of the movie. Basically, he has this toy, a talking toy. He loved that toy so much he considered him a brother. The toy was named Waltor. Ever since Waltor was young, he and Gary were best friends, doing everything together.

In the movie, when Gary and Waltor were kids, they watched a show called the Muppets. As the Gary got older, the Muppets became less, and less popular until they disappeared. I don't really mean that they just vanished into thin air, people just forgot about the Muppets. There became other shows, other wildly popular shows like 'punch teacher' (not very nice in my opinion)

Ok, this is when the action starts.