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1. My favorite game on the Ipod is "Bowling action free", I can work on my aim and compare real life bowling with bowling on the Ipod. The difference between bowling on the Ipod and real bowling is in real life bowling you roll the ball with your whole hand and the ball is much heavier when you do bowling on the Ipod the ball isn't heavy at all! And to move the ball you just take your finger and move it across the Ipod.

2. I also love to play "Math Tables" It is a game that helps you work on your multiplication facts I play it with my friend Camille, it's still a little tricky for us because there are only two or three answers that are correct and all the rest are wrong. It times you,our score is between 1 wrong to all correct.

3. I love to play "Water slide" more then Bowling action free! There are nine levels in Water slide,I always lost at level nine it speeds up on you at level seven. How to play:You have to avoid the devil ducks and the crabs they will slow you down. If you get a heart then you earn a life you start with three lives. If you get the red lines then it makes you faster sometimes the red lines are good and sometimes they are bad. The crown gives you invincibility.

4. I like playing "Unblock Me" I have got all the way to puzzle nine. How to play: You are trying to get the red block out of the board by moving the brown blocks you can move some of the blocks up and down and you can move some side to side. You can move the red block also, but only side to side when you made a path just simply take your finger and move the red block out.

5. I like to play "Air Hockey'' it's a game just like real air hockey but you do it with your finger,I do it with my thumb. I almost always lose.

6. I like to play ''Tower Blox" it's a game were you try to build a tower,I have build it up to about 23 feet tall. The hard part is to keep your tower even and not wiggly because if its wiggly then you have a hard time building. Be careful because the tower can fall!

7. I also like "ArtLite" it isn't really a game but if you like art you will like this.

8. "Flute master free" is a game were you shake the Ipod and the flute makes a sound it will tell you how well you played the flute.

9. '' Doodle buddy'' is a fun place were you can draw stuff,you can use stamps,smear and even have a back round.

10. I think that you all know your age well there is a fun game called " Guess my age" were you can test the Ipod to see if it knows your age but you have to make sure that you don't change your age in the middle of the game.

11. "Hangmath" is hangman but it's with math you can pick either adding, subtracting, multiplication or division it will time you, you will get about ten probloms to answer.

12. ''Puzzle Quiz" is a game that I don't play that often but it's still a little fun. It makes me think very hard and it's like a puzzle.

13. I love ''Paper Toss'' I am on the hard level. And my dad got lots of new levels on his phone!

14. ''Lights out'' is a game were you have to tap on the room were the girl is standing if she moves to another room you just tap on the previous room were she was standing so that it will turn off and then tap on the room she is standing in.

15. I play ''Meta Squares'' with my sister we are on level 5 for us level five and level four is very hard.

16. ''Pac-Man'' is one of my favorite games, I never won before I like it because it is a little challenging.

17. ''Bookworm'' is a game that lets me review spelling,if you spell to many short words than a letter will go on fire you can't let the block with the fire go to the bottom because then the library will burn and the game is over.

18. I love to play ''Bejeweled 2'' I'm on level nine. My favorite jewel is the orange one.

19. ''Jelly car'' is a very fun game you can custimize a car. I always do a red car.

20. I love to play ''Tap Tap'' I play it with my sister we play it so much we are on medium.

21. I like ''Tappy Tunes'' my favorite song is Carol of the bells my sister likes that song to, we listen to Carol of the bells alot together.

23. ''Gold rush'' is a very fun game that includes bats,money and new challenges I love to play gold rush.

24. "Oregon trail" is a very nice game it teaches me a lot about people in the past traveling to Oregon and you get to name the people who are traveling to Oregon.

25. "WW& Brass" is a cool place where you tap on a instrument and you listen to the instrument for a couple of seconds my favorite instrument is the white instrument that looks like a flute.