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1. Do all your relatives live in the U.S? If they don't,where do they live?
Grandpa lives in Canada, Cami
Grandpa lives in Australia, Jessie
Grandpa lives in Petersburg ,Rachel
Some live in Austrailia most live in the U.S,Aimee
Most of my family are in Philippines and USA, but I also have cousins in Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. -MsCheska
Everybody lives in the USA, Andy
I do not know, India
i do not know,gracie
Some relatives live in Israel and Russia - Noa's mom
Israel and Russia-Michal
China and Slovakia- Vera
All relitives that I know of live in US- Evan
Some live in Germany - nicolascres nicolascres

2. What is your favorite ice cream topping?( I got this question from Anna's wiki)
Gummy bears, Noa
Oreo Crumbles, Cami
Marshmellos, Jessie
Gummy Worms,Abby
Whipped cream ,Rachel
I like gummy bears, Aimee
Hot fudge sundae and whipped cream - MsCheska
Magic Shell mint - Andy
Gummi things,India
i do not like toppings,gracie
Gummy worms,- Michal
Chocolate, fruits, nuts - Noa's mom
Whipped cream-Vera
Sprinkles- Evan
Sprinkles - nicolascres nicolascres

3. If you could be someone famous for one hour who would you be?
Selena Gomez, Noa
Selena Gomez, Cami
Xeana, Jessie
Hillary Duff, Aimee
Taylor swift,Rachel
Einstein - MsCheska
Tom Brady - Andy
Selena Gomez, India
Carry Underwood, Gracie
Bella Thorne and Zendaya,-Michal
Mozart - Noa's mom
Selena Gomez-Vera
Leonardo DaVinci- Evan
Steve Jobs - nicolascres nicolascres

4. If you could learn any language(s) what would it be?
French, Italian and Latin -Noa
French, & Italian, Cami
French & Italian, Aimee
Aberigeany, Jessie
Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese - MsCheska
Mandarin - Cantonese - Japanese - Andy
Italian, French ,India
Hebrew, Michal
English (ha ha), Spanish, French - Noa's mom
Italian French Mandarin and Japanese-Vera
German, French, Spanish - Evan
I already know German, and I'm learning French, so I guess Russian - nicolascres nicolascres
5. What is your favorite book or series?
Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events &
the mysterious bendict society. Noa
Harry Potter, Cami
June B. Jones & Seires of Unfortunate Events, Jessie
Harry Potter!,Abby
the series of unfortunate events,Rachel
Too many! But HP, Percy Jackson, and the Dragons of Pern are my top 3 -MsCheska
All of John Grisham's - Andy
fudge books,gracie
Judy moody, Michal
The Winnie Years, India
Alexandre Dumas's books - Noa's mom
A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Mysterious Benidict Society-Vera
Blood on the river- Evan
Leviathan Trilogy - nicolascres nicolascres

6. What job do you want to have when you grow up?
Author, Singer, or actress- Noa
Movie maker or workout trainner, Jessie
Acting or photographer Cami
Acting,& dancing Rachel
Science Teacher ;) -MsCheska
library/technology teacher- Andy
a teacher,gracie
Actor,dancing, singing, Michal
3rd grade teacher;Aimee:)
Actor, Singer, Author, Soccer Player,India
I don't know yet- Vera
Air force pilot-Evan
Apple CEO - nicolascres nicolascres

7. What is your favorite movie?
E.T Noa
Xeana, Jessie
Alice in Wonderland
Beetle Juice,Abby
"Love Actually" - MsCheska
Rudy - Andy
A leage of their own, Coraline, The Last Song, India
do not have one,gracie
Princess Diaries' Michal
Ramona & Bezzus,Aimee
chitty citty bang bang,Rachel
A Series of Unfortunate Events -Vera
U-571- Evan
Blues Brothers - nicolascres nicolascres

8. What is your favorite subject in school?
Biology - MsCheska
Physics - Andy
Drama, India
music and reading, Michal
science Aimee
Lunch, India
Writing and Drama Club- Noa
Core class: History or Algebra Elective: Graphic Design - nicolascres nicolascres
9. What is your favorite animal?
Puppies - MsCheska
Great White - Andy
dog, Michal
echidna aimee
Owl or a Cat (probably) - Noa
Tiger - nicolascres nicolascres

10. What is your favorite sport?
Tennis - MsCheska
Football - Andy
Swimming! Michal
soccer Aimee
Soccer, India
Soccer- Noa
Soccer - nicolascres nicolascres
11. What is your favorite football team?
Don't watch football :( -MsCheska
Packers!!! - Andy
I don't have one, India
I don't play football, but I like UVA women soccer! -Noa
I don't like football-Vera
Broncos and Vikings- Evan
I don't like AMERICAN football, but real football I like. So Germany - nicolascres nicolascres

12. If you could pop a ballon, bubble wrap or popcorn which one would be the funnest for you?
I can pop bubble wrap for hours. In fact, I even have an app for it! -MsCheska
I love popcorn -Andy
bubble wrap,gracie
bubble wrap, Michal
bubble wrap,Aimee
bubble wrap,Rachel
I love bubble wrap!!!!- Noa
BUBBLE WRAP!!!!!!!-Vera
Bubble wrap for the win - nicolascres nicolascres
13. Can you tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue?
No but I can pat my tummy and head at the same time -MsCheska
sure can - Andy
I don't know , India
no, Michal
I do not know, Aimee
Never tried-Noa
Never tried - nicolascres nicolascres

14. What is the worst for you. Mosquitoes,Gnats or Flies?
no-see-ums and chiggers. Mrs. Moran (http://bit.ly/fv2b1q and http://bit.ly/fl1y2E)
Mosquitos! I don't like mosquito bites! -MsCheska
skeeters - Andy
Mosquitoes, Michal
Mosquitoes or ticks,Aimee
mosquitoes, India
gnats, they're so small but so annoying! -Noa
Mosquitoes, Vera
Gnats - nicolascres nicolascres

15. What is your favorite part of a cake?
the cake,gracie
the icing, Michal
cake Aimee
Frosting India
Frosting -Noa
Frosting - nicolascres nicolascres
16. Is there a magical power that you wish you had?
i want to fly,gracie
invisibility aimee
To go in pictures, India
Walk through walls-Vera
Make something pop into life from a picture -Noa
Teleport - nicolascres nicolascres
17. What do you like more Grapes or Raisins?
Grapes, India
Grapes - nicolascres nicolascres

18. Do you eat M&Ms one at a time or by the handfull?
by the handful,Michal
one at a time;Aimee
Both, India
one at a time - Noa's mom
One at a time-Vera
It maters what I fell like at that time,Rachel
Both - nicolascres nicolascres

19. Who is your favorite singer?
Bella Thorne and Zendaya ,Michal
Taylor Swift.Aimee
Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez India
Barbra Streisand - Noa's mom
Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez -Vera
Selena Gomez,Rachel
Don't have one - nicolascres nicolascres
20. Do you have anything under your bed?
All of the things I don't feel like picking up when I clean my room! India
hopefully not -- Noa's mom
Yes - nicolascres nicolascres
21. Are you patient or impatient?
Both, (Mostly impatient) India
impatient, Michal
I don't know Aimee
Ask Noa -- Noa's mom
I don't know-Vera
Both - nicolascres nicolascres

22. Have you ever gotten into poisen ivy?
Lots of times, India
Oh' yes -- Noa's mom
No - nicolascres nicolascres
23. Were you ever stung by a bee?
yes; Aimee
Once, India
Yes - Noa's mom
Yes - nicolascres nicolascres

24. Do you have allergies on anything?
no; Aimee
No, India
Yes - nicolascres nicolascres
25. Have you ever written a poem?
Tons, India
For school - nicolascres nicolascres
26. Do you color things correct colors?(Blue sky green grass.)
Not always, India
Most of the time - nicolascres nicolascres

27.What is your favorite word?
Godiva (Like the chocolate)India
I don't no,Rachel
Don't have one - nicolascres nicolascres
28. How many clocks do you have in your room?
One and it is Elvis! India
1 One-Vera
0 - nicolascres nicolascres

29. How many books do you have in your room?
A whole shelf, India
A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!!!-Vera
Lots - nicolascres nicolascres
30. If you had your own band, what would you call it?
I don't know (that isn't what I'd call it. I really don't know!) India
The singing treasure-Michal
Periwinkle Duct Tape - nicolascres nicolascres

31. Do you want to someday join the circus?
No - nicolascres nicolascres
32. Have you ever rescued a injured animal?
My dad rescued and owl once. India
no But I REALY wish-Michal

33. Do you have a fear of anything?
Yes but I don't want to say what. India
HIGHTS badly-Michal
Yes - nicolascres nicolascres