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  • What is a Fraction?

A fraction is part of something,It represents numbers that are not whole.You can multiply,divide add and subtract with fractions.

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percents

I know that fractions, decimals and percents are all the same thing but they just have different names and they look different. A fraction looks like this: 1/2. A decimal looks like this: 1.2 . And a percent looks like this:100%.

  • Numerator and Denominator

I want to talk about numerater and denominater, when you write a fraction there is a numerator and a denominator. A numerater is the top part of a fraction, this is a numerater:1/, the denomerater looks like this: /2.

  • How to add decimals

Adding decimals is pretty easy, if you don't know I can show you how. Let's take a regular problem like 2.5+3.6 the first thing is that you have to ignore the decimal.So you add 25+36 the answer to that is 61, then you add the decimal on to your answer and you get 6.1!