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Before I give you this task of trying to figure out what this object really is, I'd like to give you the facts about the artifact that archeologists that are studying the "fortune cube" know, and are sure about.

  • Made out of plastic.
  • The colors are stick-on, they can be taken off.
  • All of the pieces are moveable, and a group of archeologists were examining the "fortune cube" and found out that you could take it apart, and put it back together again.
  • Please don't put your nose to the "fortune cube," the smell isn't very pleasant.
  • We don't know for sure but, some people claim that they found a "fortune cube" with 'rubix' written on it. Of course, the cube is very old, so we might have mis-read it, or some of it just might have faded.
  • For the people that haven't seen this before and can't relate to it, I can tell you that it looks some-what like a checkered-patterend box, about the size of your hand.

And now, you've learned a lot. Does anybody have any ideas for something that this object might be other then a fortune cube?